I Couldn't Recommend Him Any Higher

This is my 3rd experience with Gary. He represented me in selling 2 houses and purchasing one all over the course of 10 years. He was extraordinarily helpful to me and in all cases worked diligently with the other agent to insure a smooth transaction. He is well known in the community and very involved in the neighborhood watch and the "nextdoor" website. He has my absolute trust and I can't imagine going through this process without him. I couldn't recommend him any higher.

K. Newport

Buy and Sell Went Smoothly and Mostly Stress Free

We are a full time working family with two little kids and my hectic law firm partner schedule. We needed someone who was an expert in the field, the location of interest, the market, the economy, the negotiation strategy, someone who had contacts and connections, a proven record and great communication skills. Gary was our guy. I trusted him 100% and let him tell me what to do, how to do it and what to expect. Given my controlling personality, that is rare. But I am happy to say I was right and the buy and sell went smoothly and mostly stress free, with little work from me! We bought a house in studio city (Acama) and felt completely comfortable with the offers we made, the contingencies, the appraisal inspections everything! Gary was physically present for all of it! Ditto for the sale of our condo (Moorpark). His virtual staging was the most advanced I've ever seen. For both transactions, He always kept us informed. He called, emailed and sent texts with updates and suggestions and recommendations. He also had a great lender and great referrals to vendors and service providers. My girls would occasionally ask if Gary was coming over, because they too enjoyed his company. He really is the whole package.

A. Tagvoryan

He Treated Our Home and Our Time With Great Respect

My husband and I had our home on the market with a different broker prior and it was a miserable intrusive experience. Then we met Gary through a friend's recommendation. Reminds me, I owe him a bottle of Champagne too! Gary is so ridiculously detailed, pumpkin candles, cookies, fire lit, really! I have not met a more considerate person in 25 years of business. Let's be honest, having 400 people go through your home and God knows what else just sucks. Gary made it bearable because he treated our home and our time with great respect. There are many people selling homes, Gary is a pro from start to finish!

R. Ryan

It Was a Painless and Enjoyable Process From Start to Finish

I highly recommend Gary Steinberg for any real estate transaction. I just bought my first home and had it not been for Gary's expertise, I probably would have missed-out on this amazing deal.

Buying a home, I found out, can be a very complicated, delicate process that I imagine could easily become a nightmare in the hands of an ineffective or inexperienced agent. Gary's many years in the industry shines through as he handles every aspect of the process with mastery. From my initial search through the final paperwork, I depended on Gary to advise and guide me, and he did so with absolute confidence, deep knowledge, and unequivocal integrity.

Gary had been working with me for a few months when the house first came on the market. He knew immediately that it was the perfect place for me both in terms of my needs and my style. He wasted no time in speaking with the selling agents (who he already knew professionally, another advantage to working with a seasoned pro) and letting them know that he had an interested client. He arranged to meet with the owner and personally presented my offer. Out of seven offers, ours was chosen first, I'm certain because of Gary's efforts.

Acceptance of the offer was the beginning of a great deal of work on Gary's part. I was consistently impressed and grateful that I had such a competent navigator on my team. He worked closely with the selling agents, was in constant contact with my loan officer and the escrow company, connected me with inspectors and contractors, advised me on the fine points of the paperwork, gave me daily (sometimes hourly) updates and progress reports, and always with a big smile and good humor.

Because of circumstances on the seller's part, escrow needed to be short, and we managed to close in exactly 30 days. This, again, was mainly due to the Herculean efforts of Gary Steinberg. It was a painless and enjoyable process from start to finish and I'm very lucky to have chosen Gary.

B. Swadley

Knowledgeable, Punctual, Personable, Smart and a Big Heart

Having owned my own business for 15 years, I know what time teaches. Not only did I choose Gary for his friendly demeanor, but his decades of experience. I'm glad I did.
My escrow could not have gone more smoothly. He answered every question thoroughly, and did everything he said he was going to when he said he was going to do it - a rarity these days. Knowledgeable, punctual, personable, smart and a big heart. I could not recommend him more.

D. Wilson

Gary Was a Godsend

Gary was a Godsend for us. He was extremely knowledgeable about the area and extremely responsive with both information and advice. We worked with Gary over a three year period. He first helped us rent out my dad's house after he passed away a couple of years ago and then recently guided us through the sale of the house. His pricing strategy for the house generated a multiple offer situation that earned us a significant premium over the original asking price, and well more than we expected to get. He was always positive and friendly, and always reachable. I consider Gary a friend and would highly recommend him for any real estate needs.

J. Masket

His Professionalism and Knowledge is Apparent With His Negotiation Skills

I highly recommend Gary Steinberg as a realtor. Gary Steinberg has been our realtor for three successful home transactions. Each and every time Gary made the purchasing and/or selling of our homes an enjoyable experience. His professionalism and knowledge is apparent with his negotiation skills getting us higher than expected purchase price on the homes we sold and a lower than expected purchase price for the homes we purchased. Thanks Gary we could not have done this without you.

M. Supper